Meet Miss Teen Minnesota International 2011!

Jennifer Monson (Miss Teen Scott County) was crowned Miss Teen Minnesota International 2011 on March 13th in St. Cloud. Minnesota, where she competed with other "county/city" title holders from across the state. These women are recognized for their achievements as individuals.

"Keeping Kids Tobacco Free" 
Jennifer is passionate about speaking to kids to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco use. Everyday 90,000 kids try their first cigarette. 80% of adult smokers started as teenagers. By targeting her message to 10-14 year olds, she believes that she can have a powerful voice and make a difference. She will speak on behalf of the American Lung Association.

Jennifer lost a grandmother to lung cancer when she was only 9 months old. All of her life she has heard stories about what a wonderful person her Grandma Joan was. Lung cancer, due to smoking, robbed Jennifer of a relationship with her grandma. Jennifer will use her reign to speak young people before they ever start smoking. You can learn more about Jennifer's platform at her Platform Website

If you would like Jennifer to be part of your special event and speak at any club or meeting, please Click Here to reserve her for your scheduled dates. We look forward to making your next meeting or event a successful and enjoyable one.

Jennifer Monson is proud to be MISS TEEN MINNESOTA INTERNATIONAL 2011, and hopes to encourage young women throughout the state "To Make a Difference", and participate in their communities and this worthwhile event.

Jennifer Monson

Miss Teen Minnesota
International 2011